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SriHome, Sricam or ifHome (hereinafter referred to as "App" or "application") is a software and hardware combination product provided by Shenzhen Sricctv Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "our company"). In order to respect and protect the privacy of users, we may collect and use your relevant information when you use our products and services. We hope to use this "Privacy Policy" to explain to you how we collect, use, store and protect this information when using our services, as well as the ways we can provide you with access, update, control and protection of this information.

This "Privacy Policy" is closely related to the services of our company you use, please read it carefully before using the APP, and use our products and services after confirming your full understanding and consent. Once you start using SriHome, Sricam or ifHome's products or services, it means that you have fully understood and agreed to this policy. After we update this policy, we will explain to you separately through the update of this policy, pop-up window or in-site letter, and provide you with the option of agreeing or not. When you continue to use our products or services, it means you Agree to the content of this policy (including the updated version), and agree that we collect, use, store, disclose, and transfer your relevant information in accordance with this policy.

1. How we collect and use your information

1.1 Information you provide to us

We will collect and use your personal information in accordance with the requirements of this policy. For example, when you register an account, we will ask you to provide personal information, such as your email address and phone number, which will be stored under your account name. If you want to make full use of the various third-party sharing or login functions we provide, you may also need to obtain some information that your third-party account allows us to obtain, including third-party accounts and avatars. For other information such as log information, local storage information, taking photos/videos/recordings, WiFi information, reading or modifying storage, etc., please refer to the following description for the specific purpose and use of collecting and using this information. We will adopt compliant technologies to encrypt and store the information you explicitly agree to to protect the security of your personal information.

1.2 The purpose and use of the information we obtain during your use of the service

We will collect information about the services you use. The purposes and uses of such information include:

1.2.1 Account information

(1) To help you register and maintain a platform account, the platform will store your email address, WeChat account, and facebook account;

(2) Account and password retrieval function: To retrieve the password, you only need to provide the email account used during registration and the verification code received in the email to reset the account password;

(3) To provide third-party platform association registration and login APP, need to authorize us to obtain your information on the third-party platform (user name, nickname, avatar and other public information and other information authorized by you).

1.2.2 Local Storage

User screenshots and video files will be stored in the external storage of the phone; During application operation, data cache and user data are stored in the database for local storage.

1.2.3 Location Information

Product provide a way to scan the QR code to configure the network, and need to obtain your location information in order to obtain the list of WiFi networks in your location; realize the smart hardware device to connect to the WiFi of your choice.

1.2.4 Taking photos, videos and recordings, mobile push

(1) In order to ensure the realization of the mobile push function and fulfill the security obligations of network system operation, it is necessary to obtain the necessary information: device model, social bar MAC address, operating system version, unique mobile device identification code (IMEI, Android ID, IDFA, SUM card IMSI information), assign you a unique identifier, and push messages based on this identifier;

(2) Microphone permission: When this application needs to perform voice intercom with the device, it needs to send the data collected by the camera and microphone to the device;

(3) Camera/camera permission: When certain types of devices (such as NVR) supported by the application are added, scan the QR code to add new devices connected to the network, and call the camera to collect data.

1.2.5 Read, modify or delete USB storage content

When viewing camera data, the app allows users to take screenshots and save them in the storage medium of the phone, and can be used in the app.

View user saved content

1.2.6 View network connection change network connection and complete network access

The application needs to read network information when configuring the network for the camera, and provide users with limited account system functions.

1.2.7 Allow receiving WLAN multicast

The application can discover other cameras in the same local area network, and it needs to be achieved through WLAN multi-display and the cameras that have not been added

Exchange data.

1.2.8 Modify system settings

The application provides some setting items for users to choose, such as self-starting after power-on, mute during video surveillance, etc.

1.2.9 Software upgrade information prompt

1.2.10 Let you participate in surveys about our products and services

1.3 Device permission call details



 Device permission 




business function 



Purpose of





  Whether to ask  


whether the

user can close

the permission





Add device

function, assist App

and product

device binding


Get the list of

WiFi networks

in your location,

and realize that

the product device

connects to the

WiFi network

you choose









Video, screenshot,

playback and

download functions

of the monitoring



Local storage

of videos and

images recorded

by product

equipment on

mobile phones

 Yes Yes




Add the QR code

in the device

to add, and

the function of

sharing friends is

to increase visitors


Add and share

product equipment

by scanning the

QR code






Read device



Enter the App query

for the first time,

used for third-party

SDK initialization


Required for

Alibaba Cloud Push/

Google Statistics








Intercom function

of monitoring






1.4 Call other permissions to provide other services

(1) Phone authority: In order to avoid interrupting your audio and video processing operations during your use, so that we can detect your call status, we need you to authorize us to call the phone status.

(2) Notification authority: If you need to obtain whether the product has dynamic information, we may use the notification authority to push instant information.

(3) Album and storage permissions: When you need to capture, record, and download videos, you need to enable the album permissions to obtain and store videos and pictures later.

(4) Phone number authority: In the process of using the third-party SDK, it is possible to obtain your phone number.

2. How do we protect and store your personal information

In accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, we store your personal information collected and generated in the course of operations within the People's Republic of China within the territory. We will not transfer the above-mentioned information overseas. If we transfer it overseas, we will follow relevant national regulations or seek your consent. Use various security technologies and procedural measures to prevent unauthorized access and personal information leakage, tampering, and loss.

2.1 Personal information protection and security measures:

1) Our network services adopt encryption technologies such as transmission security protocols, and provide browsing services through https and other methods to ensure the safety of user data during transmission.

2) The user's personal information is encrypted and stored by adopting encryption technology, and the user's personal information is isolated by isolation technology.

3) When using personal information, such as personal information display and personal information association calculations, we will use a variety of data desensitization technologies to enhance the security of personal information in use.

4) Establish a strict data use and access system, adopt strict data access authority control and multiple identity authentication technologies to protect personal information, and prevent data from being used in violation of regulations. We only allow authorized personnel to access personal information and require them to fulfill the corresponding confidentiality obligations.

5) Adopt special data and technical security audits, and set up multiple measures for log audits and behavior audits.

2.2 Although the above-mentioned reasonable and effective measures have been taken and the standards required by relevant laws and regulations have been complied with, please understand that due to technical limitations and various malicious methods that may exist, when your personal information is leaked, we will try our best to control the situation and immediately inform you of the cause of the incident, the measures we have taken, and the safety measures you can take proactively. Therefore, you should take active measures to ensure the security of your personal information, such as setting up complex passwords, regularly changing account passwords, and not disclosing your account passwords and other personal information to others.

3. How do we share, transfer, and publicly disclose your personal information

3.1 Sharing

1. We will not share your personal information with any company, organization or individual, except in the following cases:

1) With your explicit consent, we will share your personal information with other parties.

2) We may share your personal information with external parties in accordance with laws and regulations, the needs of litigation dispute resolution, or the requirements of administrative and judicial organs in accordance with the law.

3) When a lawsuit or arbitration is filed against the user in order to protect its own legal rights and interests.

4) To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, it is necessary to share your personal information in order to protect the software, its affiliates, users of this software, and the public from damage to the interests, property or safety of the public.

2. Sharing between affiliated companies: In the case of our affiliates providing services to you or to us, we may share your personal information with our affiliates. However, we only share necessary personal information, and the processing of your information by related parties is governed by this policy. If the affiliated company wants to change the purpose of processing your personal information, it will again seek your authorization and consent.

3. Sharing with partners: We will only be legal, legitimate, necessary, specific, clear, and to achieve the purpose stated in this policy, and when you expressly authorize and agree, we will Share necessary personal information with our technical service providers, mobile data statistics service providers, application developers, system push service providers (such as Xiaomi, Huawei, VIVO, OPPO, Alibaba Cloud), open platforms or other partners. We will share your personal information with third parties who support our functions. These supports include supplying us or providing infrastructure technical services, payment services, data processing, news push, etc. Our purpose of sharing this information is to achieve the core purchase function and message push function of our products and/or services. All of our partners have no right to use the shared personal information for other purposes unrelated to the product or service.

4. You can share your video, location information, identity information, etc. with specific people, or you can share your video, location information, identity information, etc. with specific people based on our products and/or services. When your information is seriously leaked, we will not bear the relevant legal responsibilities.

For companies, organizations and individuals with whom we share personal information, we will sign strict data protection agreements with them, requiring them to process personal information in accordance with our instructions, this policy and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures.

Description of third-party SDK partners and shared information

In order to ensure the realization of application-related functions and the safe and stable operation of the application, we may access a software development kit (SDK) provided by a third party for related purposes.


Partner type











Shared personal

information fields


Privacy Policy


Statistical service



Google Statistics


User behavior



Embed a




User behavior

and other



Social service



payment service



WeChat Open



Provide third-party

login sharing

services and


payment services


Embed a







Push service




Cloud Push


Provide third-party




Embed a




Collect and transmit

personal information

Device MAC address,

unique device

identification code,

IP address


Social service





open platform


Provide third-party

login and




Embed a




Collect and transmit

personal information

Device MAC address,

unique device

identification code,

IP address

3.2 Transfer

We will not transfer your personal information to any other companies, organizations or individuals, except in the following circumstances:

1. With the development of the company's business, we and our affiliates may conduct mergers, acquisitions, asset transfers or other similar transactions. If the relevant transaction involves the transfer of your personal information, we will require the new company, organization and individual that holds your personal information to continue to be bound by this policy, otherwise we will require the company, organization and individual to re-obtain your authorization and consent.

2. To meet the requirements of laws, regulations, legal procedures, or mandatory government requirements or judicial rulings.

3. Transfer with your explicit consent, that is, after obtaining your explicit consent, we will transfer your personal information that we have obtained to other parties.

3.3 Disclosure

We will only publicly disclose your personal information under the following circumstances:

1. Your explicit consent has been obtained.

2. We may publicly disclose your personal information in the case of laws, legal procedures, litigation or mandatory requirements of government authorities.

3. To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, it is necessary to disclose your personal information in order to protect the software, its affiliates, users of this software, and the public from damages, property or safety.

4. Other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations.

According to laws and regulations, sharing and transferring personal information that has been de-identified, and ensuring that the data recipient cannot restore and re-identify the subject of personal information does not belong to the external sharing, transfer, and public disclosure of personal information. The storage and processing will not need to notify you separately and obtain your consent.

4. Your right to manage personal information

According to applicable laws, you have the right to object to or request the restriction of the processing of your personal data, and to request the right to access, correct, delete and portability of your personal data.

4.1 Access and correct your personal information

You can query and correct your account information, device information, nickname, etc. by accessing the account information of the application.

4.2 Delete your personal information

You have the right to request us to delete your personal information under the following circumstances:

1. We have collected your personal information without asking for your explicit consent.

   2. Our processing of your personal information violates the requirements of laws and regulations.

   3. We have violated our agreement with you to use and process your personal information.

   4. You have cancelled your account, uninstalled, or no longer use our products (or services).

   5. We stop providing services to you.

You can contact us to request deletion of your personal information through the methods provided in this privacy policy, and we will reply within 15 working days. When we delete your personal information from the server, we may not delete the corresponding data from the backup system immediately, but we will delete this information when the system updates the backup information.

4.3 Cancel your personal account

You can cancel your account at any time through the cancel account function in the account information of the app. If you choose to cancel the account, once the account is canceled, it will take effect immediately, then your account will be unavailable and the related account information will be cleared, and you will no longer be able to use the account Log in and use the device information and personal information associated with the account.

How to logout account: [After the user logs in to the APP, click the menu in the upper left corner of the homepage, click Account Security, and select logout].

After you cancel your account, we will stop providing you with the corresponding products (or services), and delete the personal account information stored locally and on the server within 10 working days, except in cases where laws and regulations require us to save relevant information, including Account number, password, and all device information and personal information associated with the account.

5. How do we deal with the personal information of minors

1. We attach great importance to the protection of personal information of minors. We do not use age recognition as a prerequisite when providing products or services to users, but the nature of our products and/or services requires you to be an adult with full civil capacity.

2. If you are a child or other minor under the age of 18, we ask you to ask your parents or other guardians to read this privacy policy carefully, and to obtain the consent of your parents or other guardians and use under their supervision Our services or provide us with information. If you collect or submit personal information of minors to us through our products and/or services for the purpose of interacting with children, please ensure that you have obtained the authorization and consent of their legal guardian in advance

6. Changes and revisions to the privacy policy

In order to provide you with better services, our products and services will be updated and changed from time to time, and we will revise this privacy policy in due course. Without your explicit consent, we will not reduce your rights under the currently effective privacy policy. Regarding major changes to this privacy policy, we will explain to you separately through the notification method of updating this policy, pop-up window or station letter, and provide you with the option of agreeing or not.

The major changes referred to in this policy include but are not limited to:

1. Our service model has undergone major changes. Such as the purpose of processing personal information, the type of personal information processed, and the way in which personal information is used.

2. Significant changes have taken place in our control rights. Such as changes in owners caused by mergers and acquisitions, etc.

3. The main objects of personal information sharing, transfer or public disclosure have changed.

4. Your right to participate in the processing of personal information and how to exercise it has undergone major changes.

5. When the department responsible for handling personal information security, contact information and complaint channels change.

6. When the personal information security impact assessment report shows that there is a high risk.

7. How to contact us

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or complaints about our privacy policy and the handling of your personal information, please contact us through the built-in "suggestion and feedback" function of the software or through the following methods. We will work in 15 Respond to your request within days.

Our receiving address: Building 40, 5th Industrial Park of Huaide Cuigang, Fuyong Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China 518103


Contact: [Sricctv Customer Service Department]

Contact number: +86-0755-29360806

Contact email:,

8. Effectiveness of Privacy Policy

The update date of this policy version is December 28, 2021, and will take effect on December 31, 2021.


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