3. Camera's Wi-Fi is unstable and often offline

Followings are a few possible reasons why this may be occurring:

1. Check whether antenna is tightened.

2. To check Wi-Fi signal, in normally, it should be more than 3 bars. 

(The distance between the camera and wifi router being too far might cause wifi signal to be less than 3 bars ).

3. WiFi channels: check if WiFi channels are busy, possibly reconfigure to “Automatic”.

4. The camera IP address conflicts with other devices, needing to set camera IP address to be a

fixed one.

5. Change the name of the wireless network (SSID): If there are different wireless networks with the same name (SSID) in your 

environment-perhaps because a neighbor uses the same wireless router,a wireless repeater has the same name as the router - WLAN 

devices could try to automatically connect to the wrong wireless network ,Therefore, set up a unique wireless network name in your 

wireless router or repeater.

6. Set maximum transmission power:In some wireless routers, the transmission power can be reduced,which reduces the performance 

of the wireless network. Make sure your wireless router has the maximum transmit power set.


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