6. Can't connect WiFi

If you fail to setting WiFi for ip camera, please make sure your router:

1. All IP Cameras support 2.4G HZ WIFI,only some IP cameras don't support 5GHZ Wi-Fi.

2. NO MAC filter enabled on your router. Or you need to disable MAC filter temporarily before successfully configuring camera.

3. Router’s DHCP is enabled, after setting up and setting a fixed ip address for IP camera, you can disable DHCP again.

4. The WiFi Encryption is WPA/WPA2-PSK, either AES or TKIP encryption is OK if you are not using WPA/WPA2.

There is possible using WEP. It is recommended to use WPA/WPA2 now because WEP is quite old technology and not safe nowadays.

5. WiFi Channel needs to set as AUTO in order to avoid busy channels.

Inconsistent signal, it could be due to:

1) Too many devices sharing the same internet network. Please try to disconnect other devices.

2) The IP camera is too far from the router if using WIFI connection.

• Other quality and setup issue, please reset camera to factory default.


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