WiFi NVR  
Display Screen

Screen size: 10.1 inch LCD screen

Display resolution: 800xRGB (3) x1280

Touch control: Support multi-touch


Video input: 8 CH

Video output: 1 HDMI, 1 VGA

Compressed format: H265/H264/Smart264

Coding ability: 8*5M/25fps

Decoding capability: 1*5M/25fps (main stream); 8*D1/25fps (secondary stream)

Decoding format: H265; H.264


Audio: Bidirectional speech

Audio output: HDMI and 1 AUX audio output with built-in speaker

Audio decoding format: G.711U; AAC

Hard disk 

Hard disk interface: 1 SATA interface (2.5 inch hard disk only), SSD & HDD

Hard disk capacity: Maximum support 16TB


Video recording mode: Timing video recording, alarm video recording

Playback mode: Regular playback and APP playback

Backup mode: General backup


WiFi: 2.4 G, for standard camera connection only

WAN: RJ45 Wired Connection

Network service: Support DHCP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, UPNP, etc


Alarm mode: Motion detection alarm, humanoid detection alarm

Alarm reminder: APP push, alarm whistle

External interface

Network interface:An RJ45 network interface

USB interface:1 USB2.0

HDMI interface:1

VGA interface:1

Audio interface:1 AUX audio output interface

Power interface:1 DC 12V 2A (5.5*2.1*10)


Operating temperature:-10 ° C ~ 50 ° C

Working humidity:10% ~ 90% RH

APP Support SriHome APP, IOS and Android remote access
PTZ IP Camera IP047(NVS010)

Main processor: Multi-core high-speed processor

Sensor: 1/3-inch, 5 million HD color CMOS sensor

Compressed format: H.265


Lens parameters: Focal length: 4mm, 5 megapixels

Visual angle: Angle of view: D 110 H 80 V 58


Resolution: 1920P (2560*1920), VGA (480*360)

Frame frequency: 15 frames

Automatic exposure: Automatic exposure white balance

IR-Cut: Built-in IR-Cut, no color cast indoors and outdoors, good night vision effect

Lighting setting

Alarm mode: The default is black and white night vision. When human form is detected, it automatically turns on the white light and switches to full-color night vision

White light mode: from 18:00 to 7:00, the white light will be on, the brightness can be adjusted, and the night vision is full color

Infrared mode: White light is turned off and switched to normal night vision


Audio: Built-in microphone and speaker support for two-way voice

Agreement: G711


Tracing: Humanoid tracking

Angle of rotation: Horizontal: 345, vertical: 90


Alarm: Motion detection alarm, humanoid alarm

Siren: Alarm whistle can be set

Custom detection area: Support custom movement detection alarm area to improve alarm accuracy


Wireless: 2.4 G (Connect to NVS010 Host Only)

Distribution network mode: Two-dimensional code distribution network and key distribution network

Video recording

Mode: Plan video, alarm video

Resolution: HD (1920P), SD (360P)

Playback: Support remote video playback

Product type Plastic ball machine, suitable for indoor and outdoor
  Standard Wireless Package Accessories List
Package list

NVR: 1 NVS010 Host

Camera: 4 wireless cameras (optional 8 wireless cameras)

Power adapter: 1 12V2A power supply (NVR), 4 12V0. 5A power supplies (camera)

Screw bag: 5 packs

Instructions: 1 copy

Network cable: 1 root

Packaging package

Package weight: 2.6 kg, subject to actual weight

Set size: 318mm* 223mm* 255mm (Length x Width x Height)


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