How to watch live streams on BlueIris

Before set up

1. Your camera and your PC are on the same LAN

2. The BlueIris software has been downloaded and installed on your PC

3. You are familiar with BlueIris software

Start set up

Step 1: Loading BlueIris.

Step 2: Click + on the top-right corner to add a new camera.

Step 3: In the popup New camera window name your camera. If you prefer to have audio together with the live video, 

have Enable Audio checked. Then click OK



Step 4: In the popup Network IP camera configuration click the Find/inspect... button. Your camera

should be automatically detected.To find out your camera ip pls check: FAQ8-How to setting the fixed IP


Step 5: Select the corresponding camera and then click OK

In some cases your Wi-Fi router may have configuration that hinders automatic detection.

Should it happen type in "http://your camera IP address:5000/onvif/device_service" to manually add the camera.



The BlueIris starts to connect to the camera for retrieving configuration parameters.

You can see the progress in the Inspecting... window. The "Done" displayed in the scroll window signifies a successful retrieval.

Click Close button.


Step 6: Now you are guided back to the Network IP camera configuration window with many parameters filled. 

If User and Password are filled, remove them to leave these two parameters blank.

Click OK to establish the connection.


If the BuleIris doesn't find the camera automatically (this offen happens when router fails for the auto

discovery procedure), you can fill the parameter manually following the diagram above.

The key parameter are listed as below,



Then click OK button.You will see the configration menu below, just click OK button.


Note: It may take some time (usually less than one minute) to build the connection. In the duration

before the connection sets up, the vertical color lines are displayed. If you have waited more than one

minute, stop the connection and return back to check the connection parameters in the Network IP

camera configuration window


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