How to Setup Motion Detection Alarm

Step1: Enable motion detection alarm

Step1-1: Tap Setting  0001icon>> "Settings" >> "Alarm setting" (as pictures FAQ2-1, FAQ2-2 and FAQ2-3)


Step1-2: Enable "Motion Detection Alarm" and "Alarm Switch" as FAQ2-3


Step2: Choose motion detection alarm notification mode

There are 3 modes you can choose to get the alarm notification.

• Phone push alarm

Enable “Receive Notifications” then the camera will push notification to your smart phone when the alarm is activated. 

“Push notifications account “ is default as Sricam app login account. If no need this function, can delete the push Notifications account.

• Buzzer alarm

Enable “Buzzer Alarm” then the camera’s buzzer will work when an alarm is activated.

• Email alarm

The alarm notification will send to your designated email address.

Tap " Email Alarm", and fill in the email information as below guide:

1. Sender: Please input your email address (e.g.,

2. SMTP server: Selected the SMTP Server.

3. Port: You can try to select Port 25 or  587 or 465, If App notes: Emailbox not verified, make sure your SMTP service is work).

4. Password: input your email  password

5. Receiver:Input up to three receiving email accounts (e.g., you may have both and Marcy@yahoo. com)  as picture FAQ2-4

If failed to setup Email Alert, please activate your Gmail or Yahoo Email account, Please check FAQS 8 in

It is important to note that, even though you can use the same email address as both the sender and receiver, it is highly recommended that you 

create a brand new email (preferably a Gmail) account to use and configure for email alerts. This will not mean that you have to use and log into 

two separate emails, because you can forward all emails from the dedicated email alert account to your main account.

The benefit of doing this is twofold. One, because setting up a new account means you can set up email alerts without having to adjust or modify 

any of the security settings on your primary account and can work without a hitch. Two, because it will prevent your primary email from being flooded 

by motion detection alert emails. It is highly recommended that you do not forward your new email alert account to your primary account until 

you are satisfied with the sensitivity settings and frequency of motion alerts.








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