How to watch live streams with ONVIF clients


In order to use ONVIF client, the following requirements need to be met.

►Your computer (or mobile device) and the camera access to the same LAN.

►Your camera has been successfully set up. We suggest to keep the firmware up-to-date.


Some ONVIF clients have the capability to automatically detect cameras on the same LAN. If due to you router's configuration, the auto detection 

cannot be guaranteed. Pls type in the following URL and add it manually:

http://X.X.X.X :5000/onvif/device_service (X.X.X.X is your camera IP)

Current version we provide two ways for you to find your camera's IP address, one is through SricamPC, another ways is through 

sricam APP on smart phone. 

Of course, you can find the IP address by other ways such as logging into your router's web interface and find the camera's IP.

Informatively, the following RTSP URLs are used for playing live streams: rtsp://your camera IP:554/onvif1

2. iSpy for Microsoft Windows

Step 1: Download the application (

Step 2: Unzip the downloaded package and click the unzipped iSpySet to install.

Step 3: Open iSpy. An welcome window will pop up. Click Ok to continue.


Step 4: To add the camera go to Add > ONVIF Camera.


Step 5 :In the popup window, select the "FFMPEG(H264)" , 

type in  "rtsp://your camera IP:554/onvif1", select RTSP Mode : UDP ,then click  "OK".


Step 6: In the popup window,click“ Finish".  


Step 7: You can watch the live steam. If you have already added more than one camera into the camera list, all the 

live streams can be displayed in the same time by overlapped windows.


Step 8: offers functions (and configurations) such as alarm, FTP, SMTP, Snapshot, etc,. Play with them by clicking 

right button and select Edit in the popup menu.


Locally record files

iSpy allows you to locally record videos in MP4 format.

Step 1: Press Record All button at the lower right corner. After finish recording press the Stop Record button.


Then the saved file will be displayed at the bottom of the current window. Right click the video and click the Save to 

button to your local machine.


3. Synology

Security setting:

For watching live videos the security level has to be changed to Intermediate capability. Go to Security > Advanced 

> TLS / SSL Cipher Suites. Choose Intermediate compatibility.


How to fill parameters in Synology:

IP address: the IP address of your camera. You can find it out either either your router or your Sricam App .

Connection: 554

Brand: [User Define]

Source path: /onvif1

You can leave Username and Password blank.


4. Mac: SecuritySpy

ATTENTION: You must read the IP address of the camera from the router or via the sricam moblie App.





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