How to set Email and the Phone Push Alarm

                      1) Update the App

                      If you are already using the "Sricam" App, make sure it is updated to the latest version. If you do not 

                      have the "Sricam" App,

                      please download and install it. Find it by searching "Sricam" on Google Play or the iOS

                      App Store and then follow the App instructions. Reinstall the camera to the App.

                      2) Update the Camera

                      Check your camera to ensure the camera software is the latest version. Software may be updated using the "Device Update" tab.


                      3) Alarm Setting the Alarm

                      From the "Device List" touch the display window of the camera you want to alarm for more than three seconds.

                      A pop-up menu will appear as shown. Touch the "Setting" button. In the "Setting" window, touch the "Alarm Setting" option.


                      4) Enabling the motion detection alarm, email alarm, phone push alarm function.

                      Note: Enable the alarm by tapping the toggle switch of “Motion Detection Alarm” and “ Remote Defence”  to On .

                      a: "Received Alarm Message" by moving the slider to the right as shown.

                      b: "Motion Detection Alarm" by moving the slider to the right as shown.

                      c: "Remote Defense" by moving the slider to the right as shown.

                      d: If you need the camera buzzer when alarmed, then Enable the “Buzzer Alarm” by moving the

                      slider to the right as shown

                      e: If you need Email Alarm, touch “Email Alarm”, and input the email and email password as shown

                      in steps 1-5 below.

                      Touch "Save" to complete this setting, as shown.

                      f: The default Alarm Phone Push ID is your App account, if you don’t need, you can delete the push  



                      1. Sender: Please input your email address (e.g.,

                      2. SMTP address: The server address for the Sender's email account.

                      3. Port: Please select 587 or 465 if the SMTP address is, or

                          If not, please select 25.

                      4. Password: The Password for the email account.

                      5. Email: Enter up to three receiving email accounts (e.g., you may have both and as shown.


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