Camera ID, Camera Password, App Account ID and  Password

                                 Camera ID

                                             The camera ID is the unique identification of each camera. It is a 7 or 8 digit number.

                                      The camera ID can be found on the label which is attached to the camera.

                                  Camera Password

                                             The factory default for the Camera Password is 888888. During the setup procedure, you are prompted to change the password for

                                      security purpose. The Camera Password is saved into the camera. The Camera ID and Camera Password is the only credential to

                                      access the camera. Memorize the Camera Password because you need to use it when you try to access the camera from multiple devices.

                                      In case you  forget the Camera Password, you can do nothing but re-set up your camera.

                                  App Account ID and Password

                                             App Account ID is a string of 7 digits begin with zero (decimal-based). It is assigned by our database. When login Sricam App , you need to

                                      create a App Account ID and Password. The App account ID is unique identification of each user account. For security purpose, one user can

                                      only access the camera from one device. Therefore, the previous login will be force quit (on iOS) when log in from the second device with

                                      same User Name. If you want to access the camera from multiple devices simultaneously, multiple  App account ID will be needed.




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