Watch live videos from SricamPC App on Windows 7/8/10 PC

                             1. What you can do with SricamPC.

                          The SricamPC is the free sofware used on Microsof Windows 7, 8, or 10 PC. SricamPC lets you:

                          • Access the cameras via LAN or WAN (locally via a Local Area Network or remotely via a Wide Area Network).

                          • Record and save live videos on your PC.

                          • Watch or transfer video files from Sricam’s built-in micro SD card to your PC

                          • Configure the Sircam device’s network and micro SD card setngs.

                          Note: To update the camera’s configuraton (e.g., turning on and off the alarm or updatng the camera's password) please use the 
                          Sricam App on your smart phone.

                          2. Requirements for using SricamPC

                          Make sure the following requirements are met:

                          • Windows 7/8/10 is running on this PC.

                          • Your camera has successfully set up and is connectng to the Internet.

                          • The PC has the Internet access.
                          Note: When the PC and cameras are on the same LAN, Internet access is not mandatory.

                          • You have your camera ID and camera password.

                             3. Download and Install the SricamPC

                          Download SricamPC from:

                          Once installed, the following icon will be displayed on the PC’s desktop:
                          Note: As to Windows 10 system, need install and run the “SricamPC”as administrator


                             4. Run the SricamPC

                          There are two ways to access your camera from a laptop or desktop PC: local access or remote access.

                          • Local Access (LAN): When your camera and computer or laptop device are connected to the same network, login to the
                          window shown in Figure 1 with default UserName “admin” and default password “admin”. This approach will use the “Login”
                          buton as explained below.

                          • Remote Access (WAN): When the network outside of your home or business network (e.g., coffee shop, work computer, etc.)
                          a free account is required to watch live video. This approach will use the “Register” buton shown in Figure 1 and explained
                          in Secton 10.


                          Logging in with local access (LAN) brings up the SricamPC main operaton and interface shown in Figure 2.


                          5. Watch live videos from SricamPC

                          To watch live videos from SricamPC, first add a device to the applicaton.

                          Step 1: Lef-click the “add device” buton. The window shown in Figure 3 will pop up.


                          Step 2: Lef-click “search Device” buton and available camera’s informaton will be displayed.

                          Double-click to select the appropriate device. One camera device is shown in Figure 4.

                          Note: If can’t find the camera’s informaton, you need to disable your PC’s firewall.


                          Step 3: Enter the camera’s password and click “Save” as shown in Figure 5.

                          • For “Device Name”, enter a convenient personalized name such as “Home”, “Office”, etc.

                          • The “Device ID” is the last three numbers of camera’s IP address. If you stll cannot find yourcamera’s informaton by clicking
                          “Search Device” buton, manually enter the last number of
camera’s IP address.

                           Note: When the PC and the camera are on the same LAN, the camera ID isn't required. However, the  camera password

                           is required in order to watch the live video stream.

                           • If you are running the Sricam App on your smart phone, the camera’s IP address can be displayed by pressing and holding on

                           the appropriate camera thumbnail image, selectng “Setngs”, and then “Network Setngs”.


                           The camera will be displayed in the “All Device” list in a window as shown in Figure 6.

                           Step 4: Double-click the "196" camera icon to watch the live video as shown in Figure 6.


More informaton for the butons:


                          6. Changing the image/video save folder

                          Changing the file destination for saved image and video files is simple.


                          Click the setting (shown at the top right corner of the window in Figure 7). A configuraton window will pop up as shown.

                          Click the Photo Path or Video Path “Browse” buton to browse and choose an alternate folder.

                          7. PTZ controls

                          Right-click on a camera’s display window to pop up the Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) controls.


                          The PTZ control butons are shown in Figure 8 and used as follows:

                          • Pan & Tilt : up, down, lef, right.

                          • Zoom & Focus: “+” and “-” butons zoom and focus in and out. They only work for model SP008.

                          • “Zoom reset” buton: If the video is not clear, click this icon to reset the factory defaults. This only works for model SP008.

                          8. Playback

                          The playback functon allows files to be selected and played. The lef side of the screen lists the source, type and names of files

                          that can be played back. Lef-click the file name to select the desired file.


                          Lef-clicking the “Playback” buton allows the user to:

                          • Playback the camera’s recorded video in a local PC.

                          • Play the recorded videos stored in the micro SD memory card.

                          • Download files recorded on the micro SD to the local PC.

                          9. Configuring network and micro SD

                          To configure network and micro SD memory, right-click on the appropriate device listed on the left-hand frame in Figure 10 to

                          open  a drop down menu. Then lef-click the “Device Parameter Setting”.


                          The window shown in Figure 11 will pop up.

                          You can configure the camera's IP address, Wi-Fi network, micro SD card record here.


                           • Configure IP Address.

                           Lef-click “Refresh” button, the camera’s IP address information will be listed. Disable the DHCP, you can update the camera’s

                           IP address.

                           • Configure Wi-Fi network

                           Lef-click “Refresh” button, the available Wi-Fi network SSID will be listed, select your Wi-Fi SSID and input the Wi-Fi password,

                           click “Save” to finish. Wait for one minute,  the camera will be connected to Wi-Fi network.

                           • Configure micro SD card record

                           Lef-click “Refresh” button, the camera's micro SD card informaton will be listed. You can enable or disable micro SD card record 


                           Note: For moton detecton alarm record or tming record setng, please use the smart phone Sricam App.

                         10. Watch remote access live videos from SricamPC

                           When using a network outside of your home or business (e.g., coffee shop, work computer, etc.) to watch live video, a free 

                           registered account is required. A separate account is required for each SricamPC or smart phone applicaton. To register for a new

                           account, use the “Register” buton in the login window shown in Figure 12.


                            Step 1: Lef-click on the“Register”buton. It will pop up an account login screen.

                            Step 2: Enter a new password (twice) and lef-click on “Next”.


                            Step 3: Enter your email ID and lef-click “Next”.

                            Note: Both SricamPC and Sricam Smart Phone App needs a separate App account, therefore, if the email ID is used for

                             registered on your Smart Phone App before, then cannot be used.


                             Step 4: Your new account ID will be displayed in the popup window. It will begin with zero.

                             This ID is the SrciamPC ’s UserName .


                              Step 5: Enter your UserName and password. Then lef-click “Login”.


                              Step 6: Click , “Add Device” buton as shown in Figure 17 and enter your camera’s setup informaton.


                              Step 7: In Figure 18, enter the device name, such as “Home: or “Office”.

                              Step 8: Enter the “Device ID”(The “Device ID” can be found on the label which is atached to the camera).

                              Step 9: Enter the “Device Password”. The camera default password is 888888.

                              Step 10: Click “Save”.

                              The only difference between Local Access (LAN) and Remote Access (WAN) on SricamPC:

                              • Login account

                              • Add device operaton

                              Other operatons on SricamPC are the same.



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