Shoot the camera offline or Time out issue

                 See “camera offline” when  the setup procedure

                             Here are questions which may help you to shoot the issue when you use an Ethernet cable to connect the IPcam to the router:

                             1. Make sure the yellow LED on the cable connector is flashing . If not, the connect between the camera and the router is still off.

                             Double check to ensure both two ends securely connected. You can also try other ports on the router.

                             2.Make sure your mobile phone connect to same router or same LAN with the camera cable connects with.

                             3.Make sure DHCP is enabled on your router.

                             4.Make sure NO MAC filter enabled on your router. Or you need to disable MAC filter temporially before successfully

                             configure camera.

                             5.When you switch from Ethernet to WIFI on the app, it will ask for WiFi password, make sure the provided WiFi password is


                             Otherwise,you will see the camera gets offline.Unplug the Ethernet cable and plug back again. Wait for a while. The

                             camera will go online through the Ethernet cable. For wifi setting issue please check FAQ1 by website

                 See “camera offline” or “network connection time out” when remote to check the camera

                             Make sure your mobile phone and camera connect to same router (LAN), then login sricam App ,status dot showing green

                             or yellow or red as figure 1.


 Figure 1

                                 Green : means camera connect to internet(WAN) , you can remote to watch live video by mobile data or wireless in normal. 

                                 But if you can not remote to watch live video and app give a prompt“network connection time out” , here are questions which

                                 may help you to shoot the issue :

                                 1. The network which camera connected is unstable,the real time transfer rate of bandwidth at less 160 KB/s when you

                                 watch live video with HD mode. we suggest you change the App video mode from HD to SD or LD ,and close the audio

                                  to access a stable live stream.


                                  2. Too many wireless devices are connected to the same router which camera connected with.

                                  3.The router's WIFI Channel needs to set as AUTO in order to avoid busy channels.

                                  4. The router should enable TCP, UDP and  NAT feature. How to enable NAT feature,

                                  please check:

                                  5. During a certain period of time,there is a regional or international network node abnormal problems,

                                  resulting in camera network and P2P server connection exception. You need to wait for a period of time to make

                                  it self-recovery.

                                  Yellow : means camera not connect to internet, you can only watch the live video in local network,here are questions which

                                   may help you to shoot the issue:

                                   1. Your camera can not obtain DNS from router ,you can set the DNS for the camera by following steps: login sricam app

                                    on your smart phone ,tap “settings” and go to “network setting”,selecting “Manually”then enter DNS address as the same

                                    with Gateway address,after that click “Save”. After that please power the camera off and power on again to restart.


                                    2. The router should enable TCP, UDP and  NAT feature. How to enable NAT feature,

                                    please check:

                                   3. Disable VPN feature  on the router.


                                   4. Email for special firmware version to reflash the camera. 


                                   Red : The connection between the camera and the router is still off , you can not watch live video by remote or local.

                                    Please try to reboot the router and the camera.


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